Skiing Face Masks Neck Warmers for Skiing Trapper Hats for Men Outdoors, Black, XL

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All of men works in construction and rain or shine, cold or warm, construction goes on! In winter, it gets cold. If you always felt bad that your face would be bitter cold and wind burned. Looking around for cold weather garments .
  • This black balaclava is one size fits all of men well! It features a longer neck for better wind protection. The fabric is Hypo-Allergenic and non-irritating to the skin. The balaclava is well sewn with secure stitching. It is machine washable and dries quickly! Best of all men loves it and stays warm! Highly recommend if you work out doors, you need this!
  • These are excellent thermal hats! This black winter hat protects your face really well and is so versatile with it's many different combinations for wearing. The material fits comfortably on your face without either being too far in your eyes or too loose. It would highly recommend this for snow removal, snow sports, or just being out in the cold in general.
  • This is a great product. Even on calm days if the air temp is <40 at highway speeds it feels very cold. This little garment will save you this winter.. Mens black bobble hat is great. It's large enough to tuck inside your jacket easily enough. It's surprisingly thin and smooth. It's hard to believe such a thin material makes this much difference but it does.
  • The black ski mask material is used the lightweight material. Really thin, lightweight, smooth, and wicking. A nice to wear under hoods or helmets. The wind chill was near 0. It was nice to be able to cover the noise and have the head covered. Didn't leave your hood up long as this provide enough cover to keep warm enough. And you will like the adjustments available for the face area. When it is warmer you will put it below the nose.